Meet Maria!


Maria Cavalieri, co-owner of Relentless Fitness and a life-long fitness enthusiast, is her own first success story: after winning her weight loss battle and becoming a personal trainer.

Maria’s transformation didn’t happen overnight. Living in Los Angeles, a city dominated by the Entertainment Industry’s pressure of having a perfect body, began to pollute Maria’s mind early on, creating a paralyzing body-image obsession that plagued her for years. She became very insecure about her appearance and her self-esteem plummeted. Today she refers to this toxic state-of-mind as “Mental Obesity.” She tried every trainer, gym, class, diet, protein bar and excuse, but she still couldn’t find a healthy physical balance. Finally, she met (her now husband) Michael Cavalieri, the mentor and trainer who changed her life.

Michael taught Maria a new approach to her physical well-being, which is based on his fitness philosophy of trusting and believing in yourself. As Maria attempted to achieve balance in her life, Michael continuously stressed to her that being in shape was not only a physical challenge, but a mental challenge as well. Under Michael’s guidance, Maria’s confidence steadily increased. As her trust in herself and Michael’s process grew, her self-esteem began to rise and her obsession finally came to an end. Feeling like a new person who is more powerful now than ever, Maria is determined to inspire others with her newfound philosophy.

Maria continues to build a great following in the San Fernando Valley as the committed and dedicated Relentless Fitness Team continues to grow, one success story at a time. She enthusiastically teaches classes and conducts personal training sessions with the utmost encouragement and patience as she fulfills her greatest passion: helping clients achieve their ultimate fitness goals.

AFAA Personal Training Certified; NASM Fitness Nutritional Specialist