Why Choose Relentless Fitness?

We’re outside with no rules, we get dirty, we work hard, talk smack & laugh (which is great for your ABS by the way.)

What else do you need? If you have a dog, bring em! If you have a kid, bring the kid, we’ll get them exercising too. That’s it, we have had 6 yr olds exercise with their parents the whole hour and all it did was add to the experience. Are there kids & Dogs at every class? No. But, everyone gets acquainted pretty fast and we all understand what we’re doing here.

Life is in session, if we had crazy rules and restrictions, most people wouldn’t come.

Everyone that is a part of our Relentless Family, has the same goal, to be healthy. Maybe everyone has a different reason but the same goal.

As much as we support each other doing planks and running in the field, we support each other outside of class in all of our different fields too. There is no “Hollywood” here and that’s what makes it so special.  We work hard, we sweat and we're dedicated.

I am beyond blessed & forever grateful to have found such an extraordinary group of people and can't wait for the next “new person” to join us, cause we will welcome them with open arms & then promise to kick their butt. It’s that simple.